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6 Ways of Reusing Newspaper | Oak Leaf 6 Ways of Reusing Newspaper – Oak Leaf

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6 Ways of Reusing Newspaper

If you throw away the newspaper after reading it, that is a waste. It can be reused in tons of ways. We’ve wrapped up several ways of repurposing newspaper for living a green life.


1. Place it under your pet’s cage. As a cat owner myself, I strongly recommend this method. My cat always brings litter out of the box after doing his business, leaving a mess under the cage. It gets worse when his bottle leaks and the litter becomes sticky while meeting the water. That really makes cleaning a headache. But with newspaper on the tray, it absorbs water and holds the litter in place. Instead of washing and cleaning a messy tray every night, simply wrap it all up and throw it away.

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2. Make cushions for fragile items. When you are packing things for moving, newspaper becomes extra helpful. Wrap your delicate bowls, plates or vases with newspaper to protect them from scratches. Crumple several pieces of newspaper and put them in a box to make a cushion for these fragile items. Compared to bubble wrap which is designed for this particular purpose, newspaper is much more accessible and cheaper.

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3. Clean your windows, mirrors and glass doors. Newspaper is made of recycled matter and wood pulp, which contains no solid and scratching materials. Compared to paper towels that splits and rips easily, newspaper is rougher and will erase dirt from your window easier without leaving lint. Compared to rags, it will not leave water streaks. In a word, newspaper is a wonderful tool to clean your window and glass for maximum visibility.


4. Clean your window screens. Window screens are usually hard to clean with dirt and dust stuck on the mesh. But with newspaper, cleaning could also be a breeze. Simply place it over the screen, spray water or dish soap and remove it after 15 minutes.



5. Absorbs oils from your kitchen. It is hard to avoid a greasy kitchen. You put your freshly roasted chicken on the counter. Bam! It becomes greasy. You accidentally spill some gravy over the stove. Bam! Greasy. You drop some food without knowing it. Bam! Greasy. In that case, it requires a rag with dish soap and a lot of water to clean. But with newspaper, that is easy peasy.


6. Stuff it to your shoes or bags for shape retention. You bring your beautiful boots or bags out, only to find that they have lost their shapes. Instead of regretting not storing them properly, you ball up a piece of newspaper and stuff it into your shoes or bags to hold their shapes. It’s still not too late.


Newspaper is a wonderful helper in our life. Next time you finish reading newspaper, don’t throw it away. Make the most of it and live a greener life!

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