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Design for green life

Save the Planet NOW

The world is drying up, with the Arctic warming twice as fast than the global average and heat waves sweeping across America, Germany, Finland, Japan, China, Canada and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.   The ice in the Arctic is melting unprecedentedly fast as animals there are struggling to live. (Via Ralph Lee Hopkins/National […]

Capture Life, Relive Memorable Moments

Life is wonderful and unique with moments of happiness, frustration, madness, peace and enlightenment intertwined. With moments rushing past us, it may take some effort to recall what happened five years ago or what you found interesting in your last journey home or abroad. Our memories may wane with time, and our life seems to […]

6 Ways of Reusing Newspaper

If you throw away the newspaper after reading it, that is a waste. It can be reused in tons of ways. We’ve wrapped up several ways of repurposing newspaper for living a green life.   1. Place it under your pet’s cage. As a cat owner myself, I strongly recommend this method. My cat always […]

Weekend Getaway with Your Dog

Image: It’s Friday. So… Image:weknowmemes   If you are planning a weekend getaway, don’t leave your dog behind this time. Traveling with your dog by car could be a lot of fun. But it requires some homework on dog travel in advance. The more homework you do, the less surprised you’ll be when there’s […]

How to Prepare A Romantic Dinner at Home

It is much more special and memorable to have a nice and romantic dinner at home than in a restaurant. If you decide to prepare a romantic dinner at home for your date, you need to consider the following factors: food, drinks, lighting, music and décor.   Décor In case you are occupied by preparing […]

Simple Tips for A Better Sleep

Sleep, exercise and nutrition are foundations of good health. Sleeping well means being energetic and emotionally balanced in the daytime. On the contrary, if you toss and turn at night, you’ll feel tired easily the other day, both physically and mentally. Lack of quality sleep will cause poor health in the long term.   Life […]

6 Gift Ideas for Women’s Day

Flowers have always been one of the most traditional gifts for Women’s Day. This year, why don’t you choose something less cliché? We’ve sorted out both high end and budget-friendly gift ideas that help her take her beauty to the next level, which are more than easy to use, time saving and looking good.   […]

Things to Bring on Spring Break

Spring break is on the way! Getting excited, huh? We’ve made a list of things to take on spring break, and it may be useful if you are not sure what to bring.   The right clothes. If you are beach-bound, be sure to bring bathing suits, flip-flops or sandals, a jacket or cardigan in […]

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

Last time we’ve discussed how to stay fit and healthy, reduce stress and stop procrastinating. Today, we’re going to talk about how to be more organized, learn to cook and travel more.   1. Be more organized. You came home in a pretty good mood. Then you saw the toys, shoes or books scattering here […]