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Spring Into Clean: 9 Practical Shoes Storage Ideas to Keep Shoes Tidy

In the throes of spring cleaning? After cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, still facing the trouble of storing your array of shoes? Even if you’re living alone, shoes can pile up by the front door and your bedroom floor. Proper shoe storage solutions can not only make your entryway look organized & […]
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Homemade recipes | 5 Easy-to-make Recipes for a Stress-free Easter

Follow my blog with Bloglovin With Easter on the horizon, are you looking for ideas to finalize your holiday menu? The earlier you plan, the less stress and more fun you’ll get from the holiday. From sweet starter to classic Easter ham, just kick start your spring holiday with these easy-to-make Easter recipes!   1. […]
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6 Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning your Closet a Breeze

  “ You have too many clothes to even fit in your closet, yet you never have anything to wear. ”   This may come as a paradoxical truth for most ladies. Your closet is crowded with clothes that do not fit your taste or size while you’re still dying to buy all the items on […]
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Why your Umbrella Sucks & How to Pick a Good One

You may not welcome it but the rainy day is just unavoidable. Showing up to work on a rainy morning is an inevitable disaster. Your shoes, pants and your bag are all drenched by the rain as you walk along the street or get on and off the car. And it would be more embarrassing […]
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Warning: How these 10 Mistakes Ruin your Cutlery Knives

A good knife is more than a kitchen utensil. It’s your right hand in making meals. However, the knife is a fragile equipment that will get damaged with the slightest mistreat. Get used to throwing your knife into the kitchen sink or dishwasher every time after you use it? Shocked to find that your stainless […]
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Quick Tips: 5 Clever Ways to Get Stains and Odor out of your Travel Mug

If you’re using a vacuum-insulated stainless steel travel mug for your morning coffee or tea, one of the most annoying problems for you may be the lingering smell of drinks or the residue that builds up over time. Common dish detergent doesn’t work? Don’t worry! Here come 5 clever ways to help you get stains […]
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Feeling sleepy? 5 Tips to Ease your Way to Daylight Saving Time

  It finally comes the weird tradition of springtime. Daylight saving time 2017 will start on March 12 at 2 a.m, which means you’ll need to set your clock ahead by one hour on the coming Sunday. The advent of daylight-saving time comes as a double-whammy for most. Getting up for work on Monday morning […]
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A Step-to-step Guide To Regrow 6 Magical Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps

Can’t believe that you can turn kitchen waste into something valuable? Yes, you don’t need to master any magic in order to regrow your kitchen scraps. With just a few simple steps, the following foods which are abandoned in your compost bin will magically grow themselves! So why not seize the season of spring when […]

Women’s Day Giveaway–Win Oak Leaf Beauty Package by Sharing Your Moments of Bold Change

Contest time: March 1st–13th Prize: Oak Leaf Beauty Package including multiple beauty & health care products Number of winners: 5 How to enter: 1. Like Oak Leaf Facebook Fanspage 2. Comment this post with your story of making bold changes as a female 3. Invite your friends to like your comment (or tag your friends to […]
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8 Life-changing Tips To Up Your Laundry Game

Find that your white T-shirt is stained because you wash them with the dark by mistake? Frustrated to find your clothes stretched and getting thinner after washing for a few times? Tired of finding one less sock every time you do a load? If you’re facing these problems, then you may need the following laundry […]