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6 Easy-to-do Fall Decorations to Craft with your Kids

With the arrival of Labor Day, you’re unofficially bidding goodbye to the summer. Though the weather does not indicate that autumn is here, fall is truly and well on its way. Get ready for this brilliant season with these fun and easy-to-do crafts that you can do with your kids! And you’ll be done with […]
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Warning: How these 10 Mistakes Ruin your Cutlery Knives

A good knife is more than a kitchen utensil. It’s your right hand in making meals. However, the knife is a fragile equipment that will get damaged with the slightest mistreat. Get used to throwing your knife into the kitchen sink or dishwasher every time after you use it? Shocked to find that your stainless […]

Women’s Day Giveaway–Win Oak Leaf Beauty Package by Sharing Your Moments of Bold Change

Contest time: March 1st–13th Prize: Oak Leaf Beauty Package including multiple beauty & health care products Number of winners: 5 How to enter: 1. Like Oak Leaf Facebook Fanspage 2. Comment this post with your story of making bold changes as a female 3. Invite your friends to like your comment (or tag your friends to […]
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If Lights Can Speak–5 Lighting Mistakes You Might Not Know You’re Making

Living room lights: “Ceiling is not the only place that I belong to” One common mistake we make in lighting the living room of our house is relying solely on the icky overhead fluorescent glow. However, living room is never used for just one purpose, so why light it in just one way? Ambient lighting: […]
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10 Questions You’d Like to Ask About Bath Bombs (Find the Answers Here!)

1.“What’s a bath bomb?”   2.“What do bath bombs do? What are the benefits of bath bombs?” >>>Find TASEYAR Bath Bomb Set with Essential Oil Fragrance >>>Find Bath Bomb Set with Different Scents 3.“Can I use bath bomb if I have sensitive skin?”   4. “How many bath bombs should I use for one time?” […]