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Weekend Getaway with Your Dog | Oak Leaf Weekend Getaway with Your Dog – Oak Leaf

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Weekend Getaway with Your Dog


It’s Friday. So…



If you are planning a weekend getaway, don’t leave your dog behind this time. Traveling with your dog by car could be a lot of fun. But it requires some homework on dog travel in advance. The more homework you do, the less surprised you’ll be when there’s an emergency. For a truly relaxing travel for you and your dog, below a few tips you need to know.


Before the ride:

· Get your car ready for your dog.

Cars aren’t designed with dogs in mind. Keeping your dog in a crate is the best way to ensure your dog’s safety when traveling by car. Crating your dog could also help you focus on driving so as to lower the chances of accidents.


If your dog refuses to enter the crate, or you don’t want your dog confined, keep him in the back seat with a waterproof car seat cover which protects your car from scratches and water.


· Pack necessary supplies for your dog.

Food, water, treats, his favorite toys, blanket or bed, collar, lead, plastic bags for poop, medications if needed, and his medical records.


· Consult a vet if your dog had car sickness before.

If you dog has ever shown any sign of car sickness, consult a vet before medicating him.


· Exercise your dog and avoid feeding too much before the ride.

Exercise your dog until he’s tired before the ride. A tired dog is more likely to sleep through the ride. Feed him a few hours before the ride to avoid car sickness or pooping in the car. Eating too much will cause discomfort, and its symptoms will exaggerate in the car.


· Make a list of rest stops and veterinary hospitals.

If there’s going to be a long ride, stop and rest every 3 hours to allow your dog have some fresh air, stretch his legs and probably do his business. Make a list of veterinary hospitals that are easily accessible from your route in case of emergency.


During the ride:

· Keep your dog calm and obedient.

If you are traveling with your family, let one of them gently pet your dog during the ride. Or put his favorite toys next to him. Either way will alleviate his anxiety.


· Avoid feeding your dog on the move.


· Take a break every 3 hours.

Take your dog out to have some fresh air, feed him with a snack and water, and spend a little time walking or playing.


· Avoid leaving your dog in a parked car.

Keep in mind that NEVER leave your dog in a parked car. A parked car could be a fatal place for dogs in warm or hot weather. Even though the window is cracked open, the car is still very dangerous for it can quickly heat up unexpectedly.


After the ride:

· Walk your dog until he is fully relaxed once you reach the destination.

Have a long walk with your dog, or play with him in a park to help him relax and shake off the discomfort caused by the ride. He may be aggressive at first. Don’t blame him or even scold him. Instead, give him time to get accustomed to the new place.

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